elevator accidents

Living in the New York City area, we’ve all ridden in elevators (in both a residential and commercial setting) that simply did not feel safe.  Common elevator injuries are caused by miss-elevations at a desired floor, sudden drops, over-speeding with abrupt stops, erratic operation of the elevator doors and stopped elevators that result in trapped passengers.  Regardless of the defect and nature of the incident, faulty elevators are the cause of countless injuries and those who are injured often have a valid case against the landlord or property owner.

While bringing a lawsuit based on an elevator accident will require the early assistance of an elevator expert, your lawyer’s knowledge of New York City Administrative Code (Title 27, Chapter 18), along with ANSI A-17, can help obtain a strong result.  Performing thorough discovery (including obtaining records of installation, schematics / blueprints, repairs, alterations, maintenance, inspections, call logs, trip tickets, proposals, invoices, violations, accident reports, complaints and prior lawsuits) will be key in successfully litigating an elevator accident case.

The law firms that defend elevator accidents are usually very specialized in the field and have defended countless similar cases.  As such, it is important to ensure your attorney has experience with elevator cases and the governing law.  Our lawyers have handled elevator cases and we are prepared to put the necessary resources behind your case to obtain the result you deserve.

If you, a loved one or a member of your community has been injured as a result of an elevator accident, please do not hesitate to call FARELLA MASCOLO PLLC at 212-287-1277 for a free consultation.

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