Sanitation Worker

New York City Department of Sanitation Workers place themselves at risk of serious injury every day they serve our City and its residents.  Every year, countless Sanitation workers are seriously injured from motor vehicles, defective conditions at their garage, tripping/slipping hazards along their routes, defective trucks and exposure to hazardous materials.  If you are a NYC Sanitation worker injured in the Line of Duty (“LOD”), you may have a case against whoever’s negligence caused your injury, which could include your employer and/or the City of New York.  In addition to compensation from the negligent party that caused your injuries, Sanitation workers may be eligible for an accident disability pension.

Additionally, Labor Law Section 27-a protects our City’s workers by requiring that “[e]very employer shall … furnish to each of its employees, employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to its employees and which will provide reasonable and adequate protection to the lives, safety or health of its employees”.

Critically, any time a Sanitation worker is injured in the Line of Duty and their employer or the City of New York may be responsible, a Notice of Claim must be filed with the City within 90 days of the accident.  As such, it is imperative that any Sanitation worker seek legal counsel immediately following an accident.

If you are a NYC Sanitation Worker and have been injured in the course of your employment, please do not hesitate to call FARELLA MASCOLO PLLC at 212-287-1277 for a free consultation.

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